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How to make a fondant motorbike



  1. Pamela

    Wow Wow How amazing motorbike ! For his birthday, the son of a friend of mine asked me to motorbike cake. Great i’m a beginner in fondant but i would like to please him. Could you tell me what do you use fondant or gumpaste ? Did you give the shape sculpting the dough or each part is put togother at the end ? And last question, you paint the motorbike with color gel or ?? Hope you understand me, all my apologizes for my english and in advance, many thks for your help and best regards, Pamela from France

    • Hi Pamela,
      I am from Romania. English is my 3-rd language… I understand your English very well.

      It is so late, but I hope that my answer will help you.

      I am beginner in fondant too. I have just 7 months.

      At motorbike I used gum-pasta and I painted it with powder colorant diluted with alcohol. Gel color is good too. I do not use gel color because it is more expensive.

      At the final I put each part together. I did not use a sculpting shape; I had a small motorbike as example.

      Wish you a lot successes in all you do,

      with love,

  2. Pamela

    me again … how long does it take you to do it ? Just to know how many days it could take me !!!

    • Pamela, sorry for the delayed response. The bike took me one day and a half. It is hard work, but the result is encouraging.

  3. superb tortul!!!
    nota 10 cu flori si felicitari!!!!!
    te pup, Oana

    • multumesc mult Oana. Mai am momente in care sunt si neindemanatica, dar lupt sa le fac cat mai bine

  4. Anca M.

    Extraordinar!!! Felicitari, a iesit un lucru minunat. Poti te rog frumos sa imi dai cateva sfaturi pentru realizarea unei asemenea minunatii? Pot sa iau legatura cu tine pe e-mail? Multumesc.

    • Sigur, Anca. Adresa mea de e-mail este: De o perioada fac figurine pentru o cofetarie. Cu cat m mult exersezi cu atat mai reusite iti ies figurinile.
      Multa sanatate 🙂

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